Spotlight on Mr. Victor: Bridging Communities and Cultures

In the heart of our migrant community lies a beacon of support and compassion: Victor. For the past three years, Victor has been an indispensable member of the VBISD Migrant program, tirelessly working to uplift families and ensure their seamless integration into our community.

As a recruiter for the VBISD Migrant program, Victor’s summer days are spent traversing migrant camps, extending a warm hand of assistance to families arriving in Michigan. His role extends beyond mere recruitment; he serves as a pillar of support, guiding families through the registration process for the summer program. Victor’s genuine empathy and understanding create an atmosphere where families feel not only welcomed but also understood.

But Victor’s dedication doesn’t end with the summer months. Throughout the school year, he shifts gears to assist with Region 2 recruitment, perpetuating his mission of support beyond seasonal boundaries. Families, knowing they can rely on Victor, reach out to him upon their arrival, confident that their needs will be met with understanding and efficiency.

Victor’s connection to the migrant community runs deep, rooted in his own upbringing. Hailing from a family that traversed between Michigan and Texas in pursuit of harvest work, Victor understands firsthand the challenges and triumphs of migrant life. His experiences fuel his passion for ensuring that today’s migrant families receive the support they need to thrive.

Prior to his role with the VBISD Migrant program, Victor spent three years as a bilingual paraprofessional at Lawrence Public Schools. There, he not only brought his expertise but also his warmth and generosity, leaving an indelible mark on students, staff, and families alike.

The sentiments shared by students at Lawrence Public Schools echo the impact Victor has had:

  • “Mr. Victor is a very kind and smart teacher and very generous” – Yuridia San Juan-Gonzalez
  • “Mr. Victor is really nice. Mr. Victor is one of my favorite teachers. He’s very helpful and tries to help you get your grades up” – Yajira Perez

Victor’s dedication to his work is fueled by his profound belief in the power of support and community. Reflecting on his own upbringing, he articulates, “Growing up Migrant, we always got the support we needed, and I want the Migrant families to get the support they need.” His commitment to bridging cultures and fostering understanding exemplifies the best of our community spirit.

As we celebrate Victor’s contributions, let us also recommit ourselves to supporting our migrant families, ensuring that they, too, find the support and understanding they deserve. In Victor, we find not just a recruiter or educator but a beacon of hope and solidarity for all.