Special Populations Conference 2023 Session Notes & Recordings

The Special Populations and Related State & Federal Programs include

Foster Care, Section 31a At-Risk, Title I, Part C – Migrant, Title I, Part D – Neglected & Delinquent, Title III – English Learner & Immigrant Education Programs, Title VI, Part A – Indian Education, and McKinney-Vento Homeless


For those of you who may have missed the Special Populations Conference in 2023, here is a list of the sessions along with copies of the notes and recordings that have been made available.



  • Main Conference Welcome & Keynote Address: Conflict to Connection: Build Positive Relationships with Students to Increase Outcomes (Fabian Ramirez)
  • Cascade of Supports (Karen Roy • Irma Lopez-Barajas)
  • Collaboration and Co-Teaching for English Learners (Lori Lee • Tiffany Craigie)
  • Michigan N&D Education Network Meeting (Dawn Carmody)
  • Network Mapping- Grow Your Network (Karie Ward)
  • School Improvement – Actualizing on Goals (Lynn Kosinski • Suzanne Grambush)
  • Utilizing the DISC Profile to Improve Student Success In & Out of the Classroom (Fabian Ramirez)
  • EL Program Evaluation (Karen Gelardi • Suzanne Grambush)
  • EWIMS: Recognizing the Greatness in ALL Students (Kyron Harvell • Lisa Francisco • Cheryl Wyatt • Rebecca Shankster • Bersheril Bailey)
  • Healthy Outcomes for Positive Experiences (HOPE) (Michelle Walters)
  • Recruiting OSY: An Intensive Focus on Increasing Counts (Bruce Lack • Michelle Mattson)
  • Supportive Housing Intervention Program (SHIP) (Laura McDowell • Rose Taphouse • Cheryl Zapfe)
  • Utilizing the Proficiency Level Descriptors (Tiffany Craigie • Isabel Haller-Gryc)
  • Supportive Housing Intervention Program (SHIP) (Laura McDowell • Rose Taphouse • Cheryl Zapfe)
  • Foster Care Points of Contacts and LEA Foster Care Liaison Networking Session (Kathleen Hoehne • Ann Rossi • Sarah Charow • Kristie Marsh • James Brooks)
  • ELD Models: Proficiency Levels and Service Minutes (Kalyn Wulatin • Zeinab Haidous)
  • Identifying and Serving LGBTQAI+ Youth Experiencing Homelessness (Holly N. Douglas, LMSW • Vicki Denstaedt)
  • New WIDA Assessment Coordinator Meeting (Jennifer Paul)
  • Section 31a Legislative Updates (Dawn Carmody • Suzanne Grambush • Mrs. Stephanie Holmes-Webster)
  •  Diversion Conversations (Amber Troupe • Jeanine Yard)
  •  N&D Technical Assistance Office Hours (Dawn Carmody)