Bringing the Community Together: The National Migrant Education Conference

NASDME: Building Bridges and Inspiring Dreams

The National Association of State Directors of Migrant Education (NASDME) stands as a beacon of support for migrant children, ensuring they have the resources and opportunities necessary to thrive in their educational journeys. At the heart of NASDME’s mission lies the annual National Migrant Education Conference, a gathering that unites educators, administrators, advocates, parents, and other stakeholders in a collective effort to enhance the educational experiences of migratory students and families.

NASDME: Nurturing Educational Excellence

NASDME serves as the guiding force behind the Migrant Education Program (MEP), which is meticulously designed to provide comprehensive support to migratory children. These children, often faced with the challenges of repeated moves due to their parents’ work in agriculture or fishing, benefit from the MEP’s educational and support services. From regular school year programs to summer initiatives, the MEP endeavors to mitigate the disruptions these children face and ensure they have access to quality education regardless of their circumstances.

The 55th Annual Migrant Education Conference: A Path to Progress

In 2024, NASDME invites educators and advocates to convene in Portland, Oregon, for the 55th Annual National Migrant Education Conference. From April 21 to April 24, participants will engage in a rich tapestry of professional development opportunities, leadership sessions, and networking events aimed at advancing the cause of migrant education.

Empowering Through Education: The Conference Agenda

The conference agenda is thoughtfully curated to provide attendees with a diverse range of experiences and insights. From parent orientation meetings and student entertainment sessions to workshops on curriculum development and assessment strategies, the conference offers something for everyone invested in the success of migratory students. With over 175 workshops planned, covering topics such as dropout prevention, English language learning, and interagency coordination, participants will have ample opportunities to deepen their knowledge and expand their skill sets.

Looking Ahead: Addressing Future Challenges

As the educational landscape continues to evolve, NASDME remains committed to addressing emerging challenges and embracing new opportunities. Workshop sessions at the conference will explore innovative approaches to supporting migratory students, including strategies for enhancing post-secondary education access, managing program administration effectively, and promoting mental and emotional well-being. Additionally, discussions will center on the long-term impact of COVID-19 and educational disruptions on migratory students and families, ensuring that participants are equipped to navigate these complex issues with resilience and compassion.

Building Bridges, Inspiring Dreams: A Shared Vision

As participants gather in Portland for the National Migrant Education Conference, they do more than attend workshops and networking events—they become catalysts for change. Through collaboration, advocacy, and a steadfast commitment to excellence, NASDME and its partners continue to build bridges of opportunity for migratory students, inspiring them to dream big and reach for the stars. Together, we can create a brighter future for all.

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