2024 MIMEP Data Specialist Impact Award Recipient: Anita Robles

This year the Michigan Migrant Education Program awarded one Data Specialist in the state with the Impact award. Van Buren ISD’s Anita Robles was the recipient of this award during our Annual Recruitment and Data Entry training on May 23rd. Anita Robles is an invaluable member of our team, serving not only as our Data Entry Specialist but also as our secretary, bookkeeper, and many other roles. She keeps us organized and never gets upset or overwhelmed. Anita is constantly seeking ways to improve efficiency and accountability, implementing systems that make our jobs—whether we are teachers, recruiters, directors, paraprofessionals, or bus drivers—easier and more efficient. During the hot and exhausting mid-summer months, she calms and supports staff, maintaining peace and harmony.

As a former migrant student, Anita has a profound passion for our students and their families, going above and beyond to ensure they receive the necessary services. Her dedication to our program, students, and families is unmatched.

Anita Robles is committed to serving our Migrant Families. She oversees data for both the Van Buren ISD Migrant Consortium and the Region 2 ID & R Center. Over the past year, recruitment in Region 2 has significantly increased, thanks to Anita’s tireless efforts to establish systems ensuring accurate data collection, timely student recruitment, and thorough family communication. She has also been coordinating recruitment efforts at the local level and for Region 2. Currently, Anita is mapping out our local area in preparation for the summer months.

Anita is more than a data entry specialist; she is a champion for our migrant families and the heartbeat of our program. Her contributions are countless, and her impact is immeasurable.